Exceptional Electrical Work for Cars & Trucks

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, the electrical system must be its brain. Your electrical runs everything from your onboard computer to your headlights, your turn signals to your brake lights, and everything in between. That’s why, if your electrical is on the fritz, you’re as good as broken down on the side of the road. 

Avoid that fate with expert electrical repair and maintenance from Skip’s Automotive! We have the cutting-edge diagnostic tools to test all of your electrical systems and discern any issues, anywhere on your vehicle, fast. Once identified, our talented ASE-certified techs will use their knowledge, experience, and modern technology to solve all your issues and give you first-rate functionality for all of your electrical systems.

Our full range of electrical services includes:

  • Total Electrical System Inspection & Repair
  • Check Engine Lights


  • Batteries

  • And so much more…


Car won't start? Hard to start? Then something may be wrong with the charging system or alternator for your battery! Skip’s can replace your battery, starter, or alternator with same-day service and make sure you don't miss that important meeting!

For more information about our electrical services, or to schedule your appointment,

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