Cooling System

Achieve an Ideal Engine Temperature

An overheated engine can lead to world of problems. Costly repairs, total engine replacements – if your engine can’t keep cool, it could cost you thousands in the long run!

There are, however, a host of things you can do before that happens, and most of them involve coming to see us at Skip’s Automotive! We know cars, trucks, and high-performance sports vehicles. Our experienced automotive staff takes the time to examine every facet of your engine, and gives you the necessary lubricants and fluids to ensure it stays at a constant, cool temperature under any circumstances. 

Our local, professional auto shop helps to prevent internal mechanical disasters such as viscosity and thermal breakdown, and offers helpful services such as expert repairs, replacements, and, most-importantly, regularly-scheduled engine maintenance, to keep your internal temperatures even. By working with us, you can relieve the worry when it comes to your car, truck, SUV, or sport vehicle, and get the auto execution you deserve.

Our cooling system services include:

  • Complete Cooling System Repairs

  • Hose Replacements

  • Belt Work

  • Clamps Repairs
  • Oil Leaks
  • And more…

For more information about our professional cooling system services, or to schedule your appointment, call Skip’s Automotive at (941) 955-4306.