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Dyno Tuning

We use a load bearing dyno from Dynomite Dyno. Complete tuning solutions for your Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Hellcat, M3, AMG and much more. Our mechanics specialize in American muscle but have plenty of experience with European performance. Chevy, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes Benz performance and tuning options available. 

Performance Upgrades

We have a performance package to suit any budget to include dyno tuning. We can reach your horsepower goals. We offer a wide variety of performance parts including Magnuson Supercharger, Procharger, Fitech, MSD, Holley, Edelbrock, Brian Tooley Racing, FTI converters, and much more. Call or email today for an estimate on dyno tuning in Sarasota and SRQ.


Don't take your beast to just any shop when maintenance is due. Turbo and superchargers require regular maintenance and we are performance specialists ready to keep your beast running like a champ. 

DYNOmite Dyno

Engine calibrations on a a state of the art, in ground, chassis dyno rated up to 2000hp. It's load bearing with an eddy current so part throttle and WOT dyno tuning is done in-house. We can dyno tune RWD or FWD vehicles on naturally aspirated, nitrous, supercharger, and turbo applications. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ask about our remote or track tuning services. To find out more about our state of the art dyno please visit Dynomite Dynamometers by clicking below. 

Dynomite Dynos

Raw Racing Remote Tuning

Remote tuned 2006 GTO with a 416 stroker and a TVS 2300 on 14lbs

Performance Packages(all packages include dyno tuning)

Stage I

Headers, Intake Manifold, or CAI installation

Stage II

Camshaft installation on an N/A motor or smaller pulley on an existing supercharger

Stage III

Cylinder heads on an N/A motor or increasing boost and E85 kit or Meth injection

Stage IV

New Supercharger/turbo kit installation or cylinder heads on an already boosted application

Stage V

All of it! 

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